Forestlumps Quality Guarantee

FORESTLUMPS puts maximum emphasis on inspection and quality control to ensure that only BEECHWOOD 100% PURE ORGANIC feedstock is processes into charcoal, no scrap enters the supply chain, and then fines and chips are screened out and the charcoal is properly BOXED in 2 BAGS and handled to ensure that what you get when you buy a box, it is in top condition." WORTH the price paid. " 


Review of Forestlumps Charcoal

In our burn time test, Forestlumps' burn time was high compared to other charcoals, and the ash production was very low compared to all other charcoals we've tested.... 

In our maximum temperature test, Forestlumps burned at 970 degrees. This is not the hottest we've ever seen but still is very high compared to all charcoals we have tested. And during the maximum temperature test, we could tell the fire spread very rapidly. Also there was no sparking and popping...

The charcoal comes in 10-pound bags, two bags per cardboard box. 

We've obviously seen charcoal in bags before, and we've seen charcoal in boxes before, but this is the first time we've seen the charcoal in bags inside boxes. We've always liked the idea of boxes for protecting the charcoal and ease of stacking...

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Fueling the PIT-MASTERS, the PROs to success


With Premium Virgin European Balkan Blacksmith's BEECHWOOD ARTISAN Lump Charcoal the competition doesn't stand a chance! 

Only the Highest Quality BEECHWOOD


This is guaranteed thanks to our many levels of quality control, all the way from the vast forests of the Balkans to your doorstep in the USA.

Burns Hot and Long with great Flavour


Our BEECHWOOD charcoal will give you clean and flavorful smoke combined with a long and hot burn for that extra edge against your competition.

PRODUCTION VIDEO of America's ONLY 100% Beechwood Lump

independent reviews

The Whizzer *absolutely nailed* the review

Fact is, I purchased a couple boxes *because* of the review. That said, I won't rehash all the great technical data presented here but rather, I just whole heatedly agree. My personal experience (beyond the data) is that this coal gives off and imparts a uniquely soft and pleasant smoke, the kind that people can't describe, e.g. "..what is that, what did you do?! There's something I can't put my finger on..." I call that Griller's Gold, you call it what you want, folks around my table don't call it squat...... they are busy eating. 😎❤😍 

(06/20/16) (

Forest Lumps was the best charcoal we have ever tried

My son is the BBQ guy in the family and we are not competitors, but backyard BBQ-ers. Forest Lumps was the best charcoal we have ever tried and we BBQ-ed shrimp and it tasted

liked lobster. It was easy to start, burned right and was long lasting. Best of all, the food was GREAT! Forest Lumps is easy to use because of the packaging. It gets my five stars for being an overall good charcoal that makes good food great. Thanks! (05/13/13) (

Lump is great sizes, burns long, and HOT, EASY START

I like it..its really easy to buy online, wish I lived closer where I could drive and pick it up! Shipping is a bit pricey but its FedEx and you get what you pay for quick transportation....the lump is great sizes, burns long, and HOT, EASY START, put in my egg, just torch in a couple places, get the coals started, close lid 10 mins later you better make sure you turn it down! Love the smell great taste on food...great deal! (02/23/14) (

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